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For MAXIMALLY Healthy Shrubs and Ornamental Plants

Shrubs and ornamentals are focal points of your landscape, so you naturally want your shrubs to look healthy and beautiful. Well-maintained shrubbery raises property values, cleans our air, and beautifies the environment.

Maintaining landscape plants and flowering shrubs is an integral part of your property's upkeep. Let Maximum Pest and Fertilization enhance your curb appeal by keeping your ornamental shrubs, flower beds, and planted areas as attractive as the rest of your yard. Maximum Pest and Fertilization can ensure your ornamentals get the nutrients they need while controlling pests that can make them unattractive and unhealthy.


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What’s Attacking Your Shrubs?

South Florida has more than its fair share of insect pests! Some of the most common bugs that attack or nest in or around landscape plants and shrubs include:

Scale Insects

Unfortunately, it's not always easy to tell what the culprit is when it comes to signs of insect damage. That's why a professional inspection of your landscape plants is an annual must-do. The shrub and plant health experts at Maximum Pest and Fertilization can quickly identify the pest or diagnose the disease affecting your plants and recommend the best treatment options.

Did You Know?

Overwatering can lead to fungal infections in your shrubs and flowering landscape plants. Fungi thrive in moist environments, so excess water can be an open invitation for fungi to attack!

Why Maximum Pest and fertilization?

We perform a complete site inspection to evaluate plant healthcare and pest control needs and to identify other potential problems
Our programs are never a "one size fits all" approach - you'll get a plan customized to your property's needs
We treat only the affected plants and pest issues that are present. Our targeted approach saves you money and avoids unnecessary chemicals
We offer complete programs that include site inspections, plant health evaluations, pest and disease diagnosis, treatment plans, and ongoing management

Shrub and Ornamental Plant Fertilization

Since shrubs and ornamentals often make your landscape’s first impression, you want to keep them healthy and looking beautiful. Maximum Pest and Fertilization can enhance your property by fertilizing your shrubs and ornamental plants, providing the nutrients they need.

Insect and Disease Control for Shrubs and Ornamental Plants

Pests and diseases have no place on your ornamental plants! Maximum Pest and Fertilization performs thorough inspections to identify signs and symptoms of infestations and disease. After the initial assessment, our expert team will present recommendations for the best course of action, including any necessary fungicide, herbicide, or insecticide treatments.

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In Need of Complete Shrub Care?

If you're looking for complete shrub care, such as pruning and trimming, planting and transplanting, removal, plant recommendations, or arborist services, we can handle it! In partnership with our sister company, Sherlock Tree Company, we provide a full range of tree and shrub care services.

Serving South Florida Properties in

Broward & Palm Beach Counties

Maximum Pest and Fertilization provides maximum results for healthy shrubs and landscapes in South Florida. When you're looking for a trusted partner to keep your property looking its best, give us a call - we serve residential and commercial customers in most of South Florida!

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Shrubs and Ornamental

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people aren't sure whether their landscape plants need fertilization, insect treatments, or disease prevention applications. Hopefully, the FAQs below will answer any questions you have. If not, just call us at 954-776-4519, and our shrub and ornamental experts will give you an answer!

Yes. Shrubs and ornamentals, like any plant in South Florida, are at risk of infestation and damage from a wide range of insect pests.

Your shrubs and ornamental plants need proper nutrition to grow, thrive, and flower. The soil in South Florida neighborhoods doesn’t always contain the nutrients plants need. Fertilization treatments revitalize the soil so your plants’ roots can absorb the nutrients plants crave.

Keeping your shrubs and ornamentals looking nice is just one benefit of fertilization. Even if your plants look healthy, they could still be at risk of succumbing to pest infestations or disease. Fertilization treatments give your shrubs the nutrients they need to thrive and fight off pests and diseases effectively.

A common ornamental plant pest, whiteflies use their sucking mouthparts to puncture the underside of leaves and suck fluids from plants. It’s often hard to spot an infestation of whiteflies until leaves turn yellow and begin dropping off your shrubs and ornamental plants. You can determine if you have a whitefly infestation by shaking your plans to see if a cloud of whiteflies emerges. Contact Maximum Pest and Fertilization if you suspect you have a whitefly infestation.