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Broward County's Maximum

Pest & Insect Control

As South Florida residents, we're lucky to have beautiful weather, sandy beaches, and unrivaled outdoor activities. Unfortunately, we also have our fair share of insects and other pests, some of which can be dangerous. Some sting, some can transmit diseases, and others can decimate your landscape plants. No matter which type of bug or critter, they're all annoying.


Why Maximum Pest?

Maximum Pest and Fertilization protects homes and businesses across South Florida with innovative technology and customized pest management solutions centered around ongoing prevention, removal, and exclusion. 

20+ years of experience
Licensed and insured
Safe for your family and pets
Environmentally responsible treatments
Tailor-made pest control plans for your home or business
Integrates fast-acting treatments and prevention
Free callbacks, as outlined in the service agreement

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Get with the Program!

Our service program visits protect your home and allow you to enjoy your yard. These exterior-based strategies place traps, granular and liquid treatments, and baits where the pests come from, combating them before they can enter your home. This means less exposure to pesticides and fewer pests making their way inside.

Our service program covers many insect pests inside your house or other structures. As part of your service agreement, if you see any covered pests inside at any time, year-round, we will take care of it for free! We guarantee our service.

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Our Pest and Rodent Control Offerings Include:

Web Wiping
Granular Pesticide Application
Liquid Pesticide Applications
Bait Stations
Rodent Traps and Removal
Monitoring Stations
Structure Sealing
Did You Know?

When an insecticide spray kills cockroaches, they will die on their back, and when killed with bait, they die face down! This difference is due to how each type of poison affects their biology.

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Treatment & Prevention of Common South Florida Pests

Whether you're dealing with ghost ants in the kitchen, springtime spider infestations, or cockroaches after a hurricane, you can rely on the pest control technicians at Maximum Pest to get maximum control of your South Florida pest problems quickly and safely. 



Cockroaches can enter your home in many ways, such as cracks, crevices, vents, and drain pipes. They reproduce quickly and are hard to find and kill, making our professionals your best line of defense.



There has been a resurgence of bed bugs over the past 10 or more years. These tiny pests feed on only one thing ... blood. You're mostly likely to get bitten while sleeping, leaving red, itchy welts.



Ants are the number one pest in South Florida. Professional treatment is essential to control these prevalent pests that can quickly infest your property.

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Concerns have risen in recent years about the dangers of mosquitoes, especially with the prevalence of the Zika virus. Mosquito reduction is more important than ever to reduce these risks.



Fleas can be an annoyance for pets and humans and can quickly infest a home. Proper treatment and control is important to keep them in check.



Ticks live and feed on the blood and body fluids of animals and humans and typically live for up to a year. There's a long list of diseases that you can get from a tick bite.

Whiteflies and whitefly eggs on the underside of a leaf.


The Ficus or Fig Whitefly is a very serious threat to Ficus hedges and trees. They’re most active in the late summer and early fall but can strike at any time of year.



Millipedes can be found in the home. In Florida, they can appear indoors in great numbers, seemingly overnight. When that happens, call us for help ASAP.

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these pests like dark hiding spaces – be careful when you put on shoes or reach into that tight space! 

Rodent Control from Maximum Pest and Fertilization

We prevent rodents from damaging your property.

Rodent problems have gotten progressively worse in South Florida. Every year, hurricanes destroy and disturb rodents' natural habitat forcing them to seek refuge elsewhere. Additionally, storm damage can make access to your home even easier for them. This is a bad combination!

Rats and mice can enter your home through openings as small as ½ inch and ¼ inch respectively, so odds are, there are already several exterior spots on your home where rodents can gain entry. Maximum Pest and Fertilization is your go-to source to prevent this from happening.


Rats are a persistent problem in South Florida, especially the roof rat. They will gnaw through lead, wood, copper, aluminum, and even cinder blocks! In addition to the damage they cause, they contaminate your home with urine and feces.


Mice can enter your dwelling through tiny openings as small as ¼ inch. They will use your home for shelter, especially if their natural habitat is disturbed, or when seeking food. Mice can reproduce quickly, leading to a population explosion that can invade your pantry or kitchen, eat your food and contaminate your space.

How Maximum Pest Keeps Rodents Out

Concrete Sealing
Hardware Cloth
Rebar Tie Wire
Mesh Covering
Trapping and Removal

Why We Don’t Poison Rodents

Maximum Pest and Fertilization doesn't use rodenticides, inside or outside. Rodenticides might effectively kill rats and mice, but these rodents often die inside your home! These dead rats and mice create new problems, including flying insect infestations and terrible smells inside your home. And since rodents can access hidden spaces in ceilings and between walls, removing dead, poisoned rats and mice can become a difficult (and expensive!) process.

Did You Know?

Using glue traps to monitor insect pests (we do not use glue traps for rats or mice!) can tell us which direction your pest pressures are coming from and the life stage of the pest. Maximum Pest and Fertilization uses monitoring to best control all your pests!


Need Pest and Rodent Control in South Florida? 

Don't call us about each problem as it happens – sign up for regular service and prevent pest issues before they start. You can save yourself time and money with prescheduled monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service.

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Serving South Florida Properties From

West Palm Beach To Fort Lauderdale

Maximum Pest and Fertilization provides the most trusted pest control services in South Florida. Our service area includes:

Fort Lauderdale

Boca Raton

Lighthouse Point

Delray Beach



Fairfield Beach

Pompano Beach

West Palm Beach


Las Olas

Hidden Ranches

Click here for a complete list of the South Florida areas we serve. Don’t see your location listed? Call us at 954-776-4519 to see if we offer service near you.

Pest and Rodent Control

Frequently Asked Questions

As you can probably imagine, we get asked a lot of pest control questions at Maximum Pest! Below are answers to some of the most common questions we receive but if you have another question that’s not on the list, just give us a call at 954-776-4519, and our pest control experts will give you an answer!

We recommend having South Florida your home monitored and treated for pests on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Regular inspection allows pest populations to be kept under control more effectively rather than waiting until you notice an issue. Additionally, you can save money by signing up for a regular pest control program versus calling for new service each time there is an issue. Give us a call at 954-776-4519 to learn more about our pest control programs.

No! Maximum Pest and Fertilization focuses our treatments on the outside of your home, the place the pest pressures start. Our targeted treatments include baiting, trapping, glue boards, monitoring, and applying liquid and granular treatments outside of your home. We can treat indoor issues but our strategy reduces the need for us to enter your home to treat pest issues.

The cost of a pest control service will depend on things like the size of your property, existing pest issues, and whether you want a pest control plan or one-time service. Give us a call at 954-776-4519 or contact us to learn more about your pest control options.

Yes! We can treat your South Florida yard for mosquitoes. Give us a call at 954-776-4519 to learn more about our mosquito control program.

Rodents are a common issue in South Florida. Often, hurricanes damage their natural habitat and force them to look elsewhere for food and shelter. Unfortunately, “somewhere else” is often your home!

Maximum Pest and Fertilization control rats and mice by first performing a thorough inspection of your home to determine where rodents might be entering your home and sealing off these entry points. Once your residence is secured, we can trap and remove rodents from your property.